Essential information for housebuyers and builders

House buyers information
  • Radon protective measures for new builds and extensions
    Radon is a natural radioactive gas, which enters buildings from the ground. Exposure to high concentrations increases the risk of lung cancer. These pages give details about Radon Protection reports available (BR211 Radon protective measures report), and further information about Radon occurrence and risks and Radon in workplaces.
  • Natural subsidence – Georeports
    Further advice for customers who have received an environmental report that includes BGS natural ground stability information:
    • Collapsible ground
    • Compressible ground
    • Dissolution
    • Landslide
    • Running sand
    • Swelling clay
  • BGS GeoSure
    Understanding geology is vital when determining the stability (and thus value) of land, property, and the safety of its occupiers. The BGS GeoSure data sets and reports from the British Geological Survey provide information about potential ground movement or subsidence in a helpful and user-friendly format. The reports can help inform planning decisions and indicate causes of subsidence.