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103 Exploration for volcanogenic mineralisation in Devonian rocks north of Wadebridge, Cornwall
Reconnaissance overburden sampling across the main outcrops of Middle Devonian volcanic rocks clearly showed the position of the contacts between volcanic and sedimentary rocks, either as sharp increases in elements like Ti or in the value of principal component 1 derived from a principal component analysis of the geochemical data.
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137 Exploration for volcanogenic mineralisation in south-west Wales
This report reviews the mineral potential of all the volcanic rocks exposed in south-west Wales using the results of a geological reconnaissance and lithogeochemical studies, as well as previously published work and BGS regional datasets.
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63 Exploration for volcanogenic sulphide mineralisation at Benglog, North Wales
The Ordovician Aran Volcanic Group southeast of the Harlech Dome was explored for volcanogenic sulphide mineralisation, and work is described for one of three areas that were selected for detailed investigation.
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79 Volcanogenic and exhalative mineralisation within Devonian rocks of the South Hams district of Devon
Geochemical and geophysical survey identified mineralisation Devonian volcanic rocks between the River Yealm and Totnes.
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86 Volcanogenic mineralisation in the Treffgarne area, south-west Dyfed, Wales
Geochemical and geophysical survey of hydrothermal alteration associated with disseminated and vein pyrite within acid volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Roch Rhyolite Group.
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Arthur's seat, Edinburgh
Volcano model
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BGS Global Geoscience magazine 2014–15
International work by the British Geological Survey, including: Environmental chemistry in Africa; Volcanology in the East African Rift; Studies on the Oman-UAE ophiolite; Underground in Singapore; Liberia — before ebola; Quaternary mapping in South Korea; European projects; India — the Gangetic basin
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Bardon Hill Quarry
Cut-out volcano model
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Cut-out 3D model of Eyjafjallajökull volcano, Iceland
A simple schematic model of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano summit, crater and ash plume.
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Earthwise Issue 01, A tale of two volcanos: An eye-witness account of the eruption of Mount Pinatubo
Earthwise Magazine article by Phil Roberts
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