The BGS geological timeline quiz

How old is the Earth in years?

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On our timeline, we have scaled the history of the Earth to the lifespan of a person. If 'birthdays' are really 100 million years apart, how long is a month in real time?

What is the oldest thing known to have been formed on the Earth?

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What were the first organisms to live on the Earth?

Where are the oldest fossil eukaryotes found?

How long after the formation of the Earth did it take organisms made of more than one cell to evolve?

When did animals start to make hard shells and skeletons?

Plants and animals started to live on the land when there was enough ozone in the atmosphere to stop ultra violet radiation.


Which is the correct order of evolution?

What did the earliest mammals look like?

Angiosperms are flowering plants.

Corn, rice, wheat, barley, sugar cane and rye are very important sources of food. To which group of angiosperms do they all belong?

The planets in our solar system, including the Earth, will come to an end in several billion years time. How will this happen?

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