FootyQuakes at Leicester City

It has long been known that large crowds of people can generate seismic signals if they move at the same time.

Seismic signals are produced when people dance to a beat (e.g. the Ska band Madness at the Reading Festival) or crowds at sporting fixtures responding to events on the pitch (e.g. the Seattle Seahawks and their BeastQuakes).

During the 2015–2016 football season, Leicester City were performing beyond all expectations. The city was buzzing with excitement. Midway through the season, Leicester City were at the top of the English Premier League.

During March 2016, students from Leicester University (with help from the British Geological Survey) started an outreach project at a Hazel Community Primary School. The school is conveniently located about 500 m from the Leicester City football ground, which is called the King Power Stadium.

Over the course of the rest of the season, Leicester City went on to win the Premiership. The students from Leicester University and Hazel School, eagerly followed the games and monitored the seismic vibrations produced during home-goal celebrations.

As the season progressed, and the Premiership title was within reach, the goal celebrations and football quakes got bigger and bigger. These football quakes were named @VardyQuakes after Leicester's star striker Jamie Vardy.

The VardyQuake project is set to carry on through the 2016-2017 season. Even though Leicester have not matched their Premiership-winning form, the home games are always well attended with big crowds that make lots of vibrations.

Leicester City 2016-2017 season results and selected FootballQuake data

Date Opponent Score Image Data file
20 August Arsenal 0-0 NA NA
27 August Swansea 2-1 NA NA
17 September Burnley 3-0 NA NA
20 September Chelsea 2-4 NA NA
27 September FC Porto 1-0 NA NA
02 October Southampton 0-0 NA NA
18 October FC Copenhagen 1-0 NA NA
22 October Crystal Palace 3-1 NA NA
06 November West Bromwich 1-2 Leicester vs West Bromich on 06 November .sac
22 November Club Brugge 2-1 Leicester vs Club Brugge on 22 November NA
26 November Middlesbrough 2-2 Leicester vs Middlesbrough on 26 November .sac
10 December Manchester City 4-2 Leicester vs Manchester City on 10 December .sac
26 December Everton 0-2 NA NA
31 December West Ham 1-0 NA NA
14 January Chelsea 0-3 Leicester vs Chelsea on 14 January .sac
05 February Manchester Utd 0-3 Leicester vs Manchester Utd on 05 February .sac
08 February Derby 3-1 Leicester vs Derby on 08 February .sac
27 February Liverpool 3-1 Leicester vs Liverpool on 27 February .sac
04 March Hull City 3-1 Leicester vs Hull City on 04 March .sac
14 March Sevilla 2-0 Leicester vs Sevilla on 14 March .sac
01 April Stoke City 2-0 Leicester vs Stoke City on 14 March .sac
04 April Sunderland      
23 April Tottenham      
06 May Watford      
21 May Bournemouth      

Data downloads

The data files recorded during the matches can be downloaded in .sac data format. Free software for reading and analysing this data is available (Seisgram2k or Winquake).

Lego seismometer


For the 2016–17 football season, the seismometer at Hazel Community Primary School  has been replaced with a simple homemade Lego seismometer.

As you can see from the data in the above table, the Lego seismometer works very well for recording football quakes.

We have also used this instrument to record the P-waves from distant earthquakes.


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