West Thurrock Minecraft model

Built in GSI3D as a demonstration model by BGS (Royse et al. 2009), the model is calculated from a digital elevation model (DEM) and is based on primary 1:10 000 survey and borehole evidence.

It depicts an extensively modified and developed landscape with several extensive areas of artificial ground including the building of the Lakeside shopping complex within an old chalk quarry.

More information about this model and how it was developed.

West Thurrock model with geology and topography.
West Thurrock model with geology.

Site location

The West Thurrock model covers about 10 km2 along the eastern flank of the M25 motorway on the north bank of the River Thames.

Site location map
Site location map with geology map overlaid


When you first land in the world there will be signposts with information to get you started.

Once you've got your bearings you can fly around the 3D model by double-tapping then holding the space bar, which will cause you to fly up into the air.

Geology key

The geological units for each model have been grouped together in order to accommodate the limited Minecraft glass block palette of 16 colours. Where possible we have tried to emulate the BGS geological unit colours.

Geology Minecraft Block
Tidal deposits, Thanet Sand Blue stained glass block Blue stained glass
Peat Brown stained glass block Brown stained glass
Road embankment, flood embankment, manmade ground, infilled ground Grey stained glass block Grey stained glass
Chalk Lime stained glass block Lime stained glass
River terrace deposits, Lynch Gravel Formation, Lambeth Group Orange stained glass block Orange stained glass
Black Park Gravel Formation Pink stained glass block Pink stained glass
Weathered surface deposits Red stained glass block Red stained glass
Taplow Gravel Formation, London Clay, Harwich Formation White stained glass block White stained glass
River deposits Yellow stained glass block Yellow stained glass