Ingleborough Minecraft model

The model was constructed as part of a 3D models for teaching project as an idealised and generalised view of a classic geological location. The model was built by BGS in 2010 using GSI3D and is calculated using a digital elevation model (DEM).

More information about this model and how it was developed.

Ingleborough  model with  geology and topography
Ingleborough model with geology

Site location

This model is a small section of an area of North Yorkshire modelled at 1:250 000 scale that covers 18 km2.

Site location map
Site location map with geology map overlaid


When you first land in the world there will be signposts with information to get you started.

Once you've got your bearings you can fly around the 3D model by double-tapping then holding the space bar, which will cause you to fly up into the air.

Geology key

The geological units for each model have been grouped together in order to accommodate the limited Minecraft glass block palette of 16 colours. Where possible we have tried to emulate the BGS geological unit colours.

Geology Minecraft Block
Manmade ground Black stained glass block Black stained glass
Glacial deposits, Alston sandstones Blue stained glass block Blue stained glass
Peat Brown stained glass block Brown stained glass
Alston limestones Cyan stained glass block Cyan stained glass
Coal bearing rocks Grey stained glass block Grey stained glass
Great Scar Limestone Lime stained glass block Lime stained glass
Ingleton Sandstone Magenta stained glass block Magenta stained glass
Great Limestone Orange stained glass block Orange stained glass
Dent Limestone Pink stained glass block Pink stained glass
Worston Shales Purple stained glass block Purple stained glass
River deposits Yellow stained glass block Yellow stained glass