Cut-out 3D model of an Icelandic glacier

Back of the Finished glacier model

Simplified cut-out model of an Icelandic glacier; shows moulins, eskers, moraines and crevasses.

Download and assembly instructions

  1. Download cut-out 3D model of the Icelandic glacier 3.9 MB pdf
  2. Print the two pages of the pdf to an A4 printer — heavy weight paper or card works best.
  3. Cut around the two parts of the model — you may need to get an adult to help you
    1. Base
    2. Glacier snout
  4. Base: cut out the curve in the middle of the base, it's easier if you push a pen tip through it first. Fold along the thick black lines and glue tabs to make-up the model like a box lid with the buried ice corner as a cutaway. Allow to dry.
  5. Glacier snout: fold the tabs backwards.
  6. Glue the glacier snout to the base as per the image below. This is the tricky bit! Glue the top to the back before gluing the bottom to the base.

What you will need:


Making up the base.

Making up the base

Making up the base

Glacier snout cut out.

Glacier snout cut out

Finished model.

Finished model

Further information

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