Eskers and man

Winter view of Blakeney church

Since prehistoric times, man has had an interest in eskers due to their geology, height and shape.

They consist of sand and gravel, which makes them a useful source of building materials; the old quarries along Blakeney Esker are evidence of this.

Their height and shape has led to settlements being built in the sheltered locations close to their edges, as indicated by flint tools found in nearby fields.

Since Roman times, they have been used as sites for buildings requiring good vantage points.

The height and shape of eskers and the fact they are well drained, makes them a useful natural pathway above lower boggy ground.

They have also been used for burial sites, as the sand and gravel they are made of is easily dug. More recently, due to quarrying at the site, geologists have gained a fascinating insight of Norfolk’s past.