The wildlife of Blakeney Esker

Skylarks. © P N Watts/English Nature

Blakeney Esker is an important geological site, and is also home to an interesting variety of plants and animals.

In contrast to the soils of the surrounding clayey lowland, the sand and gravel that make up the esker provide perfect soils for plants that require sandy, acidic ground with free drainage.

The vegetation type found on the esker is called heathland and acid grassland. At Blakeney, the species found include common heather, bell heather, common gorse, bracken and bedstraw.

Heathlands also tend to be good sites for birds. Blakeney Esker is particularly good because it is so close to the north Norfolk coast which is a major bird sanctuary.

Some birds that you may expect to see during the summer include skylark, yellowhammer, swallow, kestrel and goldfinch.