CO2 transport

After capture CO2 must be transported to suitable storage sites. Pumping carbon dioxide though pipelines is the cheapest form of transport, and it is a well known and reliable technology.

There are 5800 km of CO2 pipelines in the United States which transport CO2 to oil production fields where the CO2 is injected in old, mature fields to help produce more oil. The injection of CO2 to produce more oil is generally called ‘Enhanced Oil Recovery' or EOR.

However, with the increased number and carrying capacity of pipelines that a large-scale CCS industry would require, there will need to be further studies of pipeline safety, particularly in heavily populated areas, or areas of high earthquake activity.

Ships and road tankers can also be used to transport CO2 for small scale applications.

Undersea pipeline taking CO<sub>2</sub> from a power station to offshore disposal well. (Image: BGS/C Wardle)