Excellent ★★★★★

by Engineering Geologist - Version 3.2 - May 28, 2014

This app show bgs maps which are excellent for ammeter, student and professional use. Be good to have more layers available like Edina digi maps has (historic maps, ordnance survey map,marine geology, marine topography, environmental maps). These are essential for a professional desk study investigation. Also faults need to have a better classification. Pictures and Economic geology information on rock units should be available. More dips and strikes should be included on the map.

It Rocks! ★★★★★

by GeologyDude - Version 3.2 - May 19, 2014

Great maps and find out if your house is at risk of subsidence or radon.

Good but..... ★★★

by Sue Wit - Version 3.2 - Feb 18, 2014

I have yet to find out how to find out what the colours indicate, the app is so slow it is impossible to use in any bearable time frame.

Brilliant app ★★★★★

by Captain Ashton - Version 3.2 - Feb 3, 2014

Very detailed information about the geology of the UK. Slightly disappointing that it requires Internet access, but given the volume of data in the app I can understand why that is the case.

BGS geo map ★★★★★

by tewhiti - Version 3.2 - Jan 25, 2014

Most useful and enlightening when travelling. The downside is the slow download. Earlier versions faster. Could be the version, or greater clutter on the connection(s)? The continual additions helpful. Certainly one of the best Aps. The opening up of important information into the public arena is to be applauded.

Very good in the office, Useless in the field!!! ★★

by Gra-B - Version 3.2 - Jan 25, 2014

As lots of people have said this is a very good App...if you have mobile data reception! I recently took this on a research trip for a month in NW scotland and it was completely useless in the field!!! But only good when you got home and had reception.

Thumbs up ★★★★★

by Jon1988 - Version 3.2 - Jan 24, 2014

Works very well on 4G :P As geotechnical engineer this is priceless

Brilliant ★★★★★

by steven07770 - Version 3.2 - Jan 15, 2014

See title

Fantastic ★★★★★

by Malki4eva - Version 3.2 - Jan 12, 2014

Fabulous app always helpful to the geology undergrad

Superb ★★★★★

by Iapetusdriller - Version 3.2 - Nov 10, 2013

This has to be the most useful app out there!

Tedwards ★★★★

by Tanjed - Version 3.2 - Nov 3, 2013

V interesting, quick and handy!!!

Excellent App ★★★★★

by Gpt67 - Version 3.2 - Oct 19, 2013

Easy to use and a wealth of additional information.

Still disappointed ★

by RH_inhk - Version 3.2 - Oct 10, 2013

This could be a really useful app. It works well where you have fast broadband access. However, in the real world, relying in 3G, it is completely useless. The maps take so long to load that often the screen is never complete. I have tried the app in several places, with similar results. For example, in two classic areas - the North York moors, and Dorset - I was unable to get complete map coverage, and when, after waiting in a parking area for c.20 minutes to get a complete map near Bridport to complete the screen, I drove on, my map moved progressively to blank again. In Yorkshire I never succeeded in completing a screen. It could be said that this the fault of the service provider (I am with Vodafone), and this is partly true. 3G is usually too slow. But the app claim that this works "virtually anywhere in the UK" is untrue. Either the app needs to find a way to compress and download the images, or the claim should be modified to "anywhere in the UK with fast broadband access". I had hoped that the app would be useful in the field, but I was completely disappointed.

Clarity and ease of use. ★★★★★

by a Phee - Version 3.2 - Oct 2, 2013

iGeology provides a rapid insight into the material around us; this is a brilliant reference tool I have used again and again to get my bearings before beginning in depth. Highly recommended for students or the casual geologist.

Review ★★★★★

by Juggler315 - Version 3.2 - Sep 29, 2013

The business, really useful.

Mr ★★★★★

by Copsewood - Version 3.2 - Aug 23, 2013

Excellent - if you are interested in rocks ( and who isn't ? ) you will love this!

Invaluable ★★★★★

by NeilFletcher - Version 3.2 - Aug 7, 2013

Fantastic to have this information at your fingertips. I use it regularly in my job as a wildlife and natural history interpreter - thank you NERC.

Excellent ★★★★★

by Treesam - Version 3.2 - Aug 1, 2013

Extremely useful for my career as an Arboricultural consultant (specifically the ease if obtaining very low cost subsidence reports on site almost instantaneously).

Review of iGeology app. ★★★★★

by Ian.i - Version 3.2 - Jul 31, 2013

Very useful and interesting. At last I am able to discover the geology of any area of the country which I might be.

I geology app ★★★★★

by Classicoglossopio - Version 3.2 - Jul 24, 2013

Excellent. Everyone should have a copy. All environmentalists, geographers and geologists.

BGS GB Map ★★★★

by Trevor Lund - Version 3.2 - Jun 23, 2013

Brilliant ap - quick, detailed and works very well. Highly recommended.

IGeoogy ★★★★★

by Spamar 39 - Version 3.2 - Jun 21, 2013

Great, very easy and has been a revalation to me (despite having all the paper maps of my area ) .

Fascinating ★★★★★

by Wightlover - Version 3.2 - Jun 13, 2013

Really interesting to see the geology of the isle of wight

Mr ★★★★★

by Hall0972 - Version 3.2 - Jun 10, 2013

Great - really useful and intuitive.

Much interest ★★★★

by Big Willy 007 - Version 3.1 - Jun 18, 2014

As other reviewers have noted it can be slow to load, but having done so there it a fascinating world to look at. Using the multiple layers I understand, for the first time, the more subtle differences between parts of my farm

Rock on ★★★★★

by Fosseferret - Version 3.1 - May 17, 2013

Great programme

R Tanner ★★★★★

by Silver6d - Version 3.1 - May 12, 2013

A great app. Just tap the screen at the location you are interested in. A small + sign appears followed by a window describing the superficial and underlying geology. Links provide more information. Also look for the associated soil type app. Great for train journeys, link the geology to the scenery as you travel.

Excellent App ★★★★★

by kaftee - Version 3.1 - May 11, 2013

I find this app very helpful.

Useless to the common citizen ★

by MikeTheTraveler - Version 3.1 - May 8, 2013

A nice and colourful map, but without an explanation of what the different colours mean, it is totally useless. Unless you are a serious geologist, with a solid theoretic preparation, you will find this app totally useless.

Most interesting ★★★★★

by Thysville's - Version 3.1 - May 3, 2013

This wonderful little App has already answered some of my questions about my local area & I look forward to it being a companion for many years to come. Thanks for making it freely available.

Geology rocks! ★★★★

by Cyber boy 12234445 - Version 3.1 - May 2, 2013

As a geography student a very useful app and easy to use interface

legend ★

by frank bowkett - Version 3.1 - Apr 22, 2013

err where is the legend for this shows different colours for rocks....but doesnt say what type of i missing something?

Too App ★★★★★

by Hotbodzone - Version 3.1 - Apr 21, 2013

I'm currently studying Civil Eng... I've found this to be a very well put together app with lots of useful info, with very few if any drawbacks at all.

So useful! ★★★★★

by Fergus69 - Version 3.1 - Apr 11, 2013

A stable and really useful app- great!

Very useful geomatics ★★★★★

by Ricky Cosmos - Version 3.1 - Apr 8, 2013

Like having both 10 mile maps in your pocket.

Glorious. ★★★★★

by BurtReynolds531 - Version 3.1 - Apr 8, 2013

Simply glorious.

Fantastic ★★★★★

by pasdat - Version 3.1 - Apr 4, 2013

This app is great when out and using if for university. Better to use than a hard copy and its free!!!

iGeology ★★★★★

by Elizabeth G Murray - Version 3.1 - Apr 1, 2013

Was looking for a hard copy geology map of the British Isles then found this! Just what I need.

Interesting what's under your feet★★★★★

by ChrisNB - Version 3.1 - Mar 28, 2013

What a great app. The sort of thing you have a smartphone for.

GIS Help ★★★★★

by Jameswgs6444 - Version 3.1 - Mar 19, 2013

Very useful for university work and colour really help you understand what has happened to the geology over time

Excellent piece of kit★★★★★

by Pyewackett3822 - Version 3.1 - Mar 17, 2013

Outstanding app! So useful and the free version is great.

Mr ★★★★

by Jeezmilena - Version 3.1 - Mar 8, 2013

Great app if you are interested in geology

This is great. ★★★★★

by Saver123415263 - Version 3.1 - Mar 7, 2013

Great and free :)

Great ★★★★★

by Sks :) - Version 3.1 - Mar 1, 2013

Excellent for geology/ geography students. I literally use it all the time

Great little app ★★★★

by Midnight Mermaid - Version 3.1 - Feb 21, 2013

This is a neat little app for anyone wanting the background geology to their location.

Great app!!! ★★★★★

by Fck sake - Version 3.1 - Feb 19, 2013

Perfect for quickly looking up geology information

Absolutely Brilliant!! ★★★★★

by judemba - Version 3.1 - Feb 18, 2013

A must for map lovers...everything and more!! fascinating stuff!!!

Excellent! ★★★★

by Spycatcher007 - Version 3.1 - Feb 17, 2013

A really interesting and useful tool!

Essential App ★★★★

by snow_rider182 - Version 3.1 - Feb 12, 2013

Fantastic app, extremely useful reference tool

BGS Geology App ★★★★★

by Louvrehead - Version 3.1 - Jan 29, 2013

Most excellent tool. Great assistance on site and in the office.

IGeology ★★★★★

by Rosietonthemove - Version 3.1 - Jan 27, 2013

Pity the Channel Islands are excluded, otherwise good

Great app ★★★★★

by JK2097 - Version 3.1 - Jan 18, 2013

Great app

Brilliant app ★★★★★

by cmc575 - Version 3.1 - Jan 16, 2013

The is a super app for reviewing the geology of Britain. It is easy to use, contains a wealth of accurate data - and it's free! Thoroughly recommended

Great app ★★★★★

by Cummingtonite - Version 3.1 - Jan 14, 2013

Brilliant-very useful and easy to use.

Really good ★★★★★

by Rootsies - Version 3.1 - Jan 12, 2013

Great bit of kit!

It rocks! ★★★★★

by G3XBM2 - Version 3.1 - Jan 10, 2013

Useful app to check what is beneath our feet. Able to search particular area or just scroll/zoom with the map. A simple tap on a place brings up more detailed data. For free it is excellent.

Fantastic ★★★★★

by Goob95 - Version 3.1 - Jan 4, 2013

A really useful app that's free :)

Brilliant ★★★★★

by Crosspatch2 - Version 3.1 - Jan 3, 2013

So much detail and so easy to use.

very good ★★★★★

by ferrox10 - Version 3.1 - Jan 3, 2013

works well

Useful tool ★★★★

by Leeds Hatter - Version 3.1 - Jan 1, 2013

Good app for keen geology students. Could do with a better "how to"

Adorns an iphone ★★★★★

by Jobbing Actor - Version 3.1 - Jan 1, 2013

Regardless of usefulness - and it is seemingly endlessly intriguing - it is simply a thing of beauty.

iGeology ★★★★★

by HampshireFarmer - Version 3.1 - Dec 31, 2012

Really interesting

IGeology ★★★★★

by Shuftie - Version 3.1 - Dec 29, 2012

Great detail. Lots of extra info for the informed amateur.

Great app ★★★★★

by SilverAardvark - Version 3.1 - Dec 28, 2012

Works very well. GPS linked geological map perfect for checking what's under your feet. Glossary very useful too for beginners.

Good app ★★★★★

by Pitch123456789 - Version 3.1 - Dec 28, 2012

Solid app :)

Highly useful ★★★★★

by Ben Moon - Version 3.1 - Dec 24, 2012

A simple and detailed app.

Very useful ★★★★★

by Fabiapp - Version 3.1 - Dec 24, 2012

Really helpful for background info and for understanding landscape features

Very helpful ★★★★★

by Crazy Ivan 62 - Version 3.1 - Dec 21, 2012

Well done

Good ★★★★

by Rjathhome - Version 3.1 - Dec 20, 2012

Very good but it can be difficult to locate some places. Like places in the Lake District.

Excellent ★★★★★

by Hodij - Version 3.1 - Dec 16, 2012

I will find this app very useful In the study of Geology in my local U3A

Very useful ★★★★★

by Hollycroft - Version 3.1 - Dec 14, 2012

Very easy to use and handy on iPhone. Better than web version in some ways. I much prefer paper maps at 1:10,000 but for quick checks on general geology this is great.

Andy ★★★★

by AndyMiner - Version 3.1 - Dec 9, 2012

Useful for background information in teaching; I.e. why quarries are located in certain positions, and why the scenery changes

Brilliant! ★★★★★

by Adamshuv - Version 3.1 - Dec 9, 2012

I'm doing a geology course and this app has proved itself time and time again! Please keep the updates coming!

Informative ★★★★

by Yamazaki55 - Version 3.1 - Nov 30, 2012

Easy to use, free and informative and useful when out travelling.

Igeology ★★★★★

by Gavin@York - Version 3.1 - Nov 28, 2012

Brilliant and well written Thanks

Brilliant app. I love it. ★★★★★

by E2D - Version 3.1 - Nov 27, 2012

As a newcomer to Geology I find this fascinating and informative.

IGeology ★★★★★

by Twizellinc - Version 3.1 - Nov 24, 2012

Most interesting and informative.

Amateur geologist ★★★★★

by Thisappis good - Version 3.1 - Nov 24, 2012

A wonderful app, such a treat

Interesting and informative. ★★★★★

by Veritable Wombat - Version 3.1 - Nov 24, 2012

Interesting and informative.

Geo ★★★★★

by DSPonte - Version 3.1 - Nov 18, 2012

Excellent app

iGeology - very good ★★★★★

by Frod_s - Version 3.1 - Nov 16, 2012

A very useful app in the field, my starting point for most projects!

It works ★★★★★

by Gazzerla - Version 3.1 - Nov 13, 2012

Easy to use and very useful

Spot on ★★★★★

by Del-bowman - Version 3.1 - Nov 11, 2012

Clear and easy to use

Great for any field geologist ★★★★★

by ricksav2703 - Version 3.1 - Nov 10, 2012

An absolutely excellent app for field geologists, allowing access to the 1:50,000 scale geological maps and borehole records whilst on the go and the GPS locator seems to work very well too. Well recommded.

geology ★★★★★

by CptEricson - Version 3.1 - Nov 7, 2012

A great little app. Useful for understanding the landscape as I move along the canal.

igeology ★★★★★

by woodward34 - Version 3.1 - Nov 5, 2012

Brilliant! well done BGS stunning app now and extra borehole data well 10 stars from me :-)

Excellent app ★★★★★

by John Findlay - Version 3.1 - Nov 3, 2012

The App was already very good but the addition of borehole logs makes it even better. Well done BGS!

This app rocks! ★★★★★

by Rnh! - Version 3.1 - Nov 1, 2012

I have had this app for a while now and find it really useful. The latest upgrade has made it even better. New links to various websites allow one to find ever greater levels of detail, but if one just wants to know the basic geology of an area the basic map is good enough. One improvement for the future would be to provide a map pin facility to attach one's own notes, and the ability to find a location by inputting a grid reference.

A worthy upgrade ★★★★★

by Alaninstanbury - Version 3.1 - Nov 1, 2012

The addition of cacheing really transforms this already useful app

Brilliant ★★★★★

by JohnMotch - Version 3.0 - Oct 28, 2012

Being a post grad geology student I have found the previous version of this app, very useful. However this new version is the best. The borehole information is exstraemly usefull. Highly recommended.

New version will not load to ipad ★

by 23millstone - Version 3.0 - Oct 26, 2012

So did as requested and deleted the old version. Downloaded the new version to itunes and checked that it was in "apps". Tried to sync to my ipad but it just didn't do it. The original version worked just fine but now I appear to have lost it completely.

Just gets better ★★★★★

by Capt' 00:00 - Version 3.0 - Oct 25, 2012

Some app updates are just a waste of time. The updates to this app are just brilliant. Thank you for a superb reference application.

Fantastic! ★★★★★

by Tiddles69 - Version 3.0 - Oct 25, 2012

Brilliant app. Quick and simple to use. Spectacular!

Keeps getting better and better! ★★★★★

by Fuhjis - Version 3.0 - Oct 24, 2012

Had to uninstall the old version before downloading the new one, but otherwise really loving the new bits and pieces! Layers view makes it much easier to see what's going on with the geology! Keep up the great work! :-)

WhatTheF... ★

by MysteryShopper127 - Version 3.0 - Oct 24, 2012

Previous version was ok but with limited zoom. However, at least it worked. The 'upgraded' V3 just crashes from the launch screen on iPhone 5 / IOS6. Muppets. Do Apple even run apps before approving?

Crashes ★

by Southwestsimon - Version 3.0 - Oct 24, 2012

Update crashes on opening (iOS6)

Spot on... ★★★★★

by Andrew Skinner - Version 2.0 - Oct 20, 2012

Not much to say, but spot on for botanists looking for rock types.

Geological map ★★★

by WrightRichard - Version 2.0 - Oct 14, 2012

Two extra features would be useful. First a key to the various colours on the map. This would easy to do. Second a cross section of the rock formation under foot. This may require a different app.

Great geo map ★★★★★

by Rick the engineer - Version 2.0 - Oct 12, 2012

Indispensable for the structural engineer on the go. Download now or weep!

Very good ★★★★★

by Wildbilly09 - Version 2.0 - Sep 12, 2012

Works perfectly with good 3G connection. On super slow 2g a bit of a pain waiting for it to load.

Igeology ★★★★

by Chart'edArch'ralTechnologist - Version 2.0 - Aug 21, 2012

Great app does all it says , would be good to have 3 D version for iPhone?

great wee app ★★★★

by CATG79 - Version 2.0 - Aug 19, 2012

A great wee app but agree it would be even better if you could see a vertical cut of the strata you're standing on and you didnt have to have signal/connection to use the app. Scotland has some incredible geology but incredibly bad mobile signal in the areas you want to explore!

Inspiring! ★★★★★

by Thereisonlydorch - Version 2.0 - Aug 18, 2012

As a 17 year old who is looking for something which I can be really interested in, this app has kindled a love of geology and has made me want to seek out more! Quite complex terms often for beginners but that's made me more inquisitive! Wonderful! Thank you!

I ★

by Nocki12 - Version 2.0 - Aug 16, 2012

Its not all that great

Useful ★★★★★

by GAxenderrie - Version 2.0 - Aug 15, 2012

Useful for Geologists whether they be novices or pros

Jez ★★★★★

by King Jez lV - Version 2.0 - Jul 31, 2012

Does exactly what it says it will

Chartered structural engineer ★★★★★

by Geek engineer - Version 2.0 - Jul 30, 2012

Brilliant app. Does what it Says on the tin

Great ★★★★

by Ryan Dawson - Version 2.0 - Jul 23, 2012

Its quite interesting, the only problem is that when moving around the map, it only pans diagonally which makes it very hard to manouvere

Useful app ★★★★★

by The pie slinger - Version 2.0 - Jul 19, 2012

Very useful app for both work and leisure

Useless offline ★★★★

by Koala_jo - Version 2.0 - Jul 14, 2012

Sadly doesn't appear to work without a connection, so not much use for finding out about the rocks when up a Scottish mountain. It should be possible to download data.

Good but not excellent! ★★★★

by AAllen1995 - Version 2.0 - Jun 28, 2012

It's a good tool but it would be better if it said where the BGS sampled the rocks in the area! Also it would be better if you could get a 3D view of all the Stratas under the area you are looking at.

Great app ★★★★★

by Somethingelseagain - Version 2.0 - Jun 22, 2012

Superb. Adds new dimensions to the appreciation of landscape. Loads of information. This shows the true potential of apps.

I geology ★★★★★

by Glenysjeffreys - Version 2.0 - Jun 6, 2012

This is a great app. I live in Cardiff, Wales and it's been an invaluable tool in my recent research.

Great App ★★★★★

by MJD110 - Version 2.0 - May 21, 2012

The information available is easy to access and view

BGS ★★★★★

by Bristol Digger - Version 2.0 - May 7, 2012

Brilliant! I never knew how important it was to me to know what is the geology under every house I've ever lived in.

Mr ★★★★

by Dorset Digger - Version 2.0 - Apr 19, 2012

The great advantage is that you can drill down to your local area from the national map - obvious I suppose for map applications on iPads, but still a revolution when viewing geological maps. I also like the description of the strata. For the future how about the occasional cross section

I geology ★★★★★

by Disgruntled of Peckham - Version 2.0 - Apr 17, 2012

An excellent application. Works perfectly

Hill Bagger ★★★★★

by Love's Gift - Version 2.0 - Apr 14, 2012

This is really good. Used it whilst hill bagging to see what I am standing on whilst on the top of some obscure lump.

Hi geofreaks! ★★★★★

by Geovic - Version 2.0 - Apr 14, 2012

This is a brilliant app, thanks fellas.

M ★★★★★

by Maryjd - Version 2.0 - Apr 9, 2012

I absolutely love this app! It's amazing to find out what's under your feet, especially in a country with such rich geology. When I don't know much about the rocks themselves, it can give me an idea of why the land and vegetation around me is as it is. Brill!

No scientific use for me!... ★★★★★

by crazyplums - Version 2.0 - Apr 5, 2012

As a shore fisherman and dog walker who can spend many hours on beaches, cliffs, bays & hills, I find it useful for identifying interesting or unusual strata(?) / rocks formations etc. I'm just curious and it fulfils my curiousity just fine!

Quality App ★★★★★

by Day to day - Version 2.0 - Apr 4, 2012

Great app! I use this as an archaeologist to see what drift I should be encountering before heading off to machine a site. Handy field tool and definitely more practical that the old paper map. Highly recommended.

Nina Smith ★★★★

by Wine Wise Co - Version 2.0 - Apr 2, 2012

Great app for Promoting the potential of English/Welsh wines.

General taz ★★★★★

by General taz - Version 2.0 - Mar 26, 2012

A really useful field tool, much easier that the paper version. A must for any geologist pro or amateur

Nice app ★★★★★

by Bullet2253 - Version 2.0 - Mar 19, 2012

Good app, useful and has come on handy on numerous occasions

Great app! ★★★★★

by Quiksilver4Eyes - Version 2.0 - Mar 17, 2012

Really useful when out in the field, works well for what I need.

Great but needs improvemen ★★★★

by Neilley44 - Version 2.0 - Mar 10, 2012

Excellent when used at home on broadband but have failed to use whilst out walking which is where i would really like to be able to use. It would also be great to have a bedrock only option.

Great app ★★★★

by JEJ22 - Version 2.0 - Feb 25, 2012

Fascinating to be able to see what I'm walking over - provided there is an Internet connection. Would be good if it could cache maps. As a very amateur geologist I sometimes don't understand why the colour on the map differs when the drift and solid descriptions look the same. Great app to have though.

Geological survey map ★★★★★

by Josh 1000000 - Version 2.0 - Feb 19, 2012

Cracking app! Made my uni work that little bit easier!!

I love it ★★★★★

by Whittocks - Version 2.0 - Feb 17, 2012

This is exactly the kind of thing that I bought an iPad for...

Excellent ★★★★★

by Paul Smale - Version 2.0 - Feb 5, 2012

Love this app

Broken ★

by Sean2222 - Version 2.0 - Jan 29, 2012

Only seems to scroll diagonally for me since this update, even after re-downloading. And where have the OS basemaps gone? Totally ruined this good app.

Civil Engineer ★★★

by Devji Bhuva - Version 2.0 - Jan 21, 2012

It is a good application , hopefully it can be developed further to provide detailed information where available.

1 step forward and 2 back with latest version ★★★

by Rockyforester - Version 2.0 - Dec 1, 2011

Shame the update has lost the 1:50,000 base maps as it now lacks the ability to match geology with real world features. I hope this can get fixed. As the other new features do improve it's usability.

Download, enjoy, and encourage BGS to improve! ★★★

by helicosphaera - Version 2.0 - Nov 28, 2011

Comments on v2 The Good - Great to see BGS is supporting this app and updating it. - The short descriptions of units have been rewritten in much more user-friendly form - The addition of layering is a great step forward in basic capability even if the current content (open cycle map as alternate base layer and William Smith map as alternate overlay) are novelty items rather than really useful. The Bad Still no way to use offline - and so it is useless most of the time in the field...... The Ugly The high res maps now use BGS digital mapping instead of scanned real, hand-crafted, maps. Getting the scanned content was magical and amazing, but I guess hardly in line with BGS corporate policy (a bit like expecting real ale from a brewer who has just invested a fortune in modern fizzy beer production). [sadly reverting to the old version of the app does not help either as the server now just sends out the ugly new content] Original review of v1 This app is an immense step forward in terms of making UK geological map data readily available. For anyone interested in British geology or landscape it is an essential download (indeed all geologists I know with iPhones have already got it). What it gives is access to scanned 1:50000 geological maps of the entire country with geolocation and the ability to look up rock unit data for any location. These maps are not available via the internet and a full set of the paper maps costs thousands of pounds. Nonetheless as an app it could be much better. A few specific criticisms: 1. Map tiles cannot be cached and the app does not include even the lowest magnification maps so it is very dependant on a good internet link. The intermediate scale (1: 625000 mapping) tiles are particularly slow to download - and really rather ugly. (The 1:50000 mapping is lovely though and much faster to download). 2. The basic geological unit data given by tapping on an area of the map is given in a very technical and not very useful form. Only the most recent formation names are given and not better known older terms such as Carboniferous Limestone. e.g tap in the London area and you get "Thames Group - clay silt sand and gravel" when for the "amateur geologists, walkers and gardeners" this app is supposed to be aimed at it would be rather more useful to know this the Eocene London Clay. 3. Tapping the arrow for more detailed geological data takes you out of the app into Safari and the BGS Lexicon of Named Rock Units which contains reliable technical data but not much for the non-specialist. 4. The app downloads very large amounts of data - watch out if using on a restricted contract.

BGS Rocks! ★★★★★

by Hakan k. - Version 2.0 - Nov 26, 2011

It is just excellent! Very handy to check the local geology. Well done!

Poor update ★

by Stew.Mitch - Version 2.0 - Nov 26, 2011

This update is very poor, removing the OS base data for a crude map system means it is pretty useless to accurately see the geology in the field.

Looks great on the iPad! ★★★★★

by TomP83 - Version 2.0 - Nov 25, 2011

This is a really interesting app, superb feel to it and bags of useful info!

Excellent app ★★★★★

by caldini - Version 2.0 - Nov 24, 2011

Very well designed and very well implemented. A pleasure to use. Could you team up with the Geological Survey of Ireland to create a map of the British Isles? Science shouldn't be bound by political borders.

It rocks!! ★★★★★

by Retrogeneration - Version 2.0 - Nov 23, 2011

Great fun

Excellent ★★★★★

by frayza - Version 2.0 - Nov 23, 2011

Wow - the best app on my iPhone has just got better - would happily pay for this!

Excellent ★★★★★

by IanLeek - Version 2.0 - Nov 23, 2011

Great app for field engineering geologists

Was brilliant ★★

by Timberhonger - Version 1.1 - Dec 29, 2011

When I first downloaded it was great, sparked my interest in geology. Now the 50k maps are gone, no use!

Fantastic ★★★★★

by AncientPathways - Version 1.1 - Dec 24, 2011

All you could every need from a geology app. Brilliant.

Review ★★★★★

by CGeolHiatt - Version 1.1 - Nov 19, 2011

Great app

Excellent Geology app ★★★★★

by AndyForrest - Version 1.1 - Nov 17, 2011

Excellent app - easy to use and with great levels of detail.

Great app! ★★★★★

by Geotron - Version 1.1 - Nov 15, 2011

Fantastic app for a drilling contractor. Has helped speed of quote preparation enormously. Would recommend to all working in site investigation.

Love it ★★★★★

by cbalmbra - Version 1.1 - Nov 13, 2011


First class - period! ★★★★★

by bikingboo - Version 1.1 - Oct 29, 2011

Enough said. A great example of a NERC dataset being presented with a great UI and demonstrating the richness of its expertise.

The UK geology app ★★★★

by Bongl - Version 1.1 - Oct 29, 2011

The data of the British Geological Survey on a pocket device, brilliant! Two quibbles, mostly down to ok'd hardware: anything using GPS is horribly slow and if you don't have a good signal the maps take ages to load. The availability of dowloadable datasets to store would be useful.

Excellent - look forward to a pro version ★★★★★

by ianthemac - Version 1.1 - Oct 23, 2011

Really pleased with this excellent free app. I'd be very happy to pay £10 for a pro version with the oportunity to download areas for use in the field. Some cross sections and legends would be wonderful too. Super app though - look forward to seeing where it goes in the future.

BGS ★★★★★

by Alsobumps - Version 1.1 - Oct 19, 2011

Excellent .. Well done

It rocks! ★★★★

by Doc smw - Version 1.1 - Oct 13, 2011

A nifty app that gives lots of info.

Vvgh ★★★★

by jp5000 - Version 1.1 - Oct 13, 2011

Great app, could do with a little more lithological info!

Endlessly fascinating ★★★★★

by Philistrate - Version 1.1 - Oct 2, 2011

A mine of information

Jewel of an app to find. ★★★★★

by CJP64 - Version 1.1 - Sep 30, 2011

Would be nice to switch superficial geology off at high zoom. Also would like to know more age info like Silurian etc.

Really interesting but needs more zoom ★★★★

by Tythbywards - Version 1.1 - Sep 24, 2011

Fascinating information. I would have given 5 stars but am frustrated that it's not possible to zoom in on the maps beyond a certain point, which makes it difficult to distinguish between different geological areas under some circumstances.

Awesome, don't hesitate ★★★★★

by LoopyBean - Version 1.1 - Sep 22, 2011

Awesome, don't hesitate

i geology app ★★★★★

by Goingtothedogs - Version 1.1 - Sep 8, 2011

Super app. Well worth installing. Highly Recommended

Simple but excellent★★★★★

by Hillheader - Version 1.1 - Sep 7, 2011

Perfect app for the intellectual iphonoholic. Allows you to zoom in to significant detail on the superficial and bedrock geology. Based on the paper maps but links in your location. Arguably you could add lots of bells and whistles. However it is simple and easy to use and it works. Being free helps get it 5 stars.

Really useful ★★★★★

by Colm 23 - Version 1.1 - Aug 25, 2011

I recommend this. Very good

Geology rocks... ★★★★★

by Chae23 - Version 1.1 - Aug 23, 2011

This is ace

Great app ★★★★★

by MSF - Version 1.1 - Aug 20, 2011

Very useful and adds a bit of extra interest to my outdoor excursions.

That's the way to do it★★★★★

by Albertsq - Version 1.1 - Aug 15, 2011

Brilliant stuff: snappy intuitive interface, interesting data, and free. If you have the slightest interest in what's under your feet in the UK you should have this app.

Igeology ★★★★★

by Dombashaba - Version 1.1 - Aug 5, 2011

Excellent free app that adds a whole new dimension to days out and holidays. It's easy to use and gives full info on what's beneath your feet.

Good app ★★★★★

by Markus Aurelius XXVI - Version 1.1 - Aug 1, 2011

Simple to use and the whole of the British isles geology and superficial geology for free! What more could you want?

Nearly wonderful ★★★★

by Nervesofsteel - Version 1.1 - Jul 25, 2011

Very helpful but more detail needed. I trust that more data will be added in time. Keep up the good work.

Good Free App based upon Geoindex ★★★★★

by DerbySteve - Version 1.1 - Jul 21, 2011

I use BGS Geoindex regularly during my line of work (when a 1:50k isn't available in the map cabinet) and this app makes a welcome, portable addition to any Geologists phone, amateur or professional. Whilst the detail isn't down to 1:50k, you can easily identify the general lithology of an area, and do the rest of the research yourself. What really impresses me about this app is the absolute ease of use and functionality. I would (and have) recommended this app to my work colleagues, and will continue to do so. Good work!

BGS ★★★★★

by Mikey Mike 01 - Version 1.1 - Jul 21, 2011

Fab app. Useful too!

Great app for learning about geology ★★★★★

by miketoons - Version 1.1 - Jul 20, 2011

Simple to use with excellent mapping.

Great app ★★★★★

by Marmoot - Version 1.1 - Jul 18, 2011

A great app that is simple to use with all the information that you could expect. Recommended for all professional and amateur geologists.

Brilliant ★★★★★

by IAmWozzie - Version 1.1 - Jul 11, 2011

Outstanding. I'm very impressed and can't recommend this highly enough.

Excellent ★★★★★

by FreeBornAde - Version 1.1 - Jul 8, 2011

Great App. Works everytime. Simple and accurate.

Excellent app. ★★★★★

by John the Biologist - Version 1.1 - Jul 4, 2011

Simple to use. Love it.

Igeology ★★★★★

by Aniseedwatcher - Version 1.1 - Jul 3, 2011

Brilliant application. Not too useful in field as signal strength can limit it's use but as a general guide it is superb.

iGeology - Brilliant !!! ★★★★★

by GrahamD - Version 1.1 - Jul 1, 2011

Having worked off of paper maps for years, this App is brilliant. Zoom into any area, tap and read the strata type. The only improvement I can think of would be the possibility of downloading areas so that you could study an area when out of wi-fi range.

It rocks! ★★★★★

by Sazmac - Version 1.1 - Jun 30, 2011

Amazingly useful app. Love it

Excellent App ★★★★★

by Deep-Blue - Version 1.1 - Jun 27, 2011


Absolutely superb ★★★★★

by Lairds2 - Version 1.1 - Jun 21, 2011

An excellent app, very easy to use and informative too.

My help for ages past ★★★★★

by Notappreciated - Version 1.1 - Jun 17, 2011

Check the record check the record check the earth's rock record.

Fabulous App ★★★★★

by Early music man - Version 1.1 - Jun 14, 2011

You can spend hours on this app. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can find out whatever is under your feet. Fab

Awesome ★★★★★

by Little miss stroppy - Version 1.1 - Jun 11, 2011

Interesting app

Brilliant App ★★★★★

by Popperoodle - Version 1.1 - Jun 9, 2011

This App gives me an enormous amount of pleasure. Thanks to all who produced it, I cannot praise it enough.

IGeology ★★★★★

by Neil in Norfolk - Version 1.1 - Jun 7, 2011

The best app I have. So much info and it's free. Thank you the team that brought it all together.

WoW what a great free app!!! ★★★★★

by Kent-ken - Version 1.1 - May 31, 2011

Will make you want to learn more about the different types of strata

Really useful ★★★★★

by Birdy Bob - Version 1.1 - May 31, 2011

An excellent and very useful app. An extremely valuable tool for my studies.

Really usefull!! ★★★★★

by schapmande13 - Version 1.1 - May 21, 2011

A great little app- and really handy if you work in the geological sector

Best App to date ★★★★★

by Shooter McAndrews - Version 1.1 - May 14, 2011

Rather embarrassing to admit but this is the best App I've got, would happily pay. Thanks BGS

Great App ★★★★

by Pickwellman - Version 1.1 - May 12, 2011

I am a man that likes to walk the countryside and this helps to make it more enjoyable and I am definitely learning more about how geology affects what you see around you. Well done BGS

Excellent app for field based environmental consultants ★★★★★

by Devondigital - Version 1.1 - May 11, 2011

This app does exactly as it says on the tin. It is accurate and invaluable for those working in the environmental consultancy sector.

Top app ★★★★

by Dave Luke - Version 1.1 - May 7, 2011

I work as an outdoor sports coach training leaders in mountain and paddle sports. I have found this app very useful explaining land forms and river morphology to students

BGS App. ★★★★★

by Acanthophyllum - Version 1.1 - May 5, 2011

This groundbreaking (excuse pun) mapping opens up a new range of options for the field geologist. My only concern is that mobile phone coverage is still poor in some rural and mountainous areas, limiting access to this uniquely valuable resource.

Jay ★★★★★

by Jangli786 - Version 1.1 - Apr 30, 2011

Brilliant app.

Below the ground ★★★★

by Triplecrowns - Version 1.1 - Apr 30, 2011

Works as advertised, there must be more info available will more detail be made accessible within app anytime?

What's beneath our feet? ★★★★

by johnwesleybarker - Version 1.1 - Apr 27, 2011

I really enjoy this App. Thank you.

Almost perfect ★★★★

by AAAce - Version 1.1 - Apr 24, 2011

Really good, especially on the iPod. Price is right too! Why not five stars? I'm hoping for a downloadable version. Please.

Great ★★★★★

by Matticool - Version 1.1 - Apr 19, 2011


Thank you ★★★★★

by Subsidence too - Version 1.1 - Apr 18, 2011

Great help wonderful tool

Building Surveyor ★★★★

by SurveyorBill - Version 1.1 - Apr 17, 2011

Such a useful app for my work

What a great app ★★★★

by Fruitface - Version 1.1 - Apr 15, 2011

Super information although very occasionally it picks up the wrong stratum. Is there a professional version?

Very useful geology app ★★★★

by JohnDBUK - Version 1.1 - Apr 14, 2011

Really good App

Geology map ★★★★★

by DAVID DEBERE - Version 1.1 - Apr 8, 2011

Great fun

Useful and interesting ★★★★

by Helsbelles - Version 1.1 - Apr 5, 2011

Great to see the substrata... Although the search doesn't always work and one needs to creative with addresses.. Hence dropping a star. Topograpy next, please!

Great ★★★★★

by RobGrange - Version 1.1 - Apr 5, 2011

Would like a link through to more fundamental definitions for those of us that want to self educate.

Excellent ★★★★★

by SteveBoreham - Version 1.1 - Apr 4, 2011

What a useful App. Thanks BGS. If you are thinking of upgrades, how about allowing a closer zoom, and screen capture as a feature?

BGS ★★★★★

by Ant@GEG - Version 1.1 - Mar 31, 2011 /p>

Find out the geology wherever you are or are going! Great App!!!

Great app ★★★★★

by TheRealMelen - Version 1.1 - Mar 21, 2011

I wish I'd had this when I was at school.

Excellent! ★★★★★

by Farriemac - Version 1.1 - Mar 19, 2011

Great app for anyone interested in British geology. Very smooth working and highly informative.

Geologeek ★★★★★

by Oliver Phillips - Version 1.1 - Mar 19, 2011

Very good, useful and interesting

Roswell102 ★★★★★

by Russell Baker - Version 1.1 - Mar 18, 2011

I love it. It seems to be accurate to within a few yards.

Absolutely stunning. ★★★★★

by Loonstein - Version 1.1 - Mar 18, 2011

Cannot believe this is free! Thank you BGS.

Great ap ★★★★★

by Chris_T$ - Version 1.1 - Mar 17, 2011

Use this all the time when doing surveys and site visits. It's a copy of the maps I had to buy in the past.

Very useful ★★★★

by TheGreyAndWhiteCat - Version 1.1 - Mar 12, 2011

Handy to have in the field. Thanks Garry!

IGeology 1.1 ★★★★★

by Purpleflash - Version 1.1 - Feb 17, 2011

Excellent quicker, more intuitive, best free science app bar none. Try it find out what's under your home!

Brill ★★★★★

by Rock'r'Super - Version 1.1 - Feb 17, 2011

Love the updated version; looks immense on the iPad

iGeology ★★★★★

by anniegill1 - Version 1.0 - Aug 6, 2011

Great App. Good for gardeners and walkers

Could do even better ★★★★★

by Coalboard - Version 1.0 - Nov 14, 2010

Very good as it is, just wish there was even more detail!

Great little app ★★★★★

by rustifish - Version 1.0 - Nov 11, 2010

Easy to find out all you want to know about the geology of your current location or anywhere else in UK. Thanks!

Really useful ★★★★

by MisterTommyH - Version 1.0 - Nov 8, 2010

Brilliant. Lets you know the type of strata you have without a full ground investigation.

? ★★★★

by Andyclimber - Version 1.0 - Nov 5, 2010

Great app

Good app ★★★★

by klarnon - Version 1.0 - Nov 1, 2010

A good use of iPhone to present scientific information. The in-depth reports are very expensive, but the (very) basic information is free.

Awesome app ★★★★★

by Dyehwj - Version 1.0 - Oct 28, 2010

Really clear and easy to use! Will recommend!

No key on map ★★★

by Me ajh - Version 1.0 - Oct 27, 2010

Great app and data, but could not find key so useless for me.

Fantastic! ★★★★★

by Sineaaaad - Version 1.0 - Oct 23, 2010

This is seriously great stuff, I recommend it for everyone merely interested by geology, especially for students that do mapping

Very Very Good!!! ★★★★★

by Ady-mac - Version 1.0 - Oct 11, 2010

Firstly, well done BGS for offering this app for free!!! Would have easily payed a few pounds for this!!! Great for assessing the geology under my feet at a scale of 1:50,000 using built in GPS and particularly usefull with regards to my profession. Downside, is that it will only work on a 3G network outdoors (as far as I know). Therefore this won't work in remote areas. Also, BGS, I would pay a considerable amount for a 1:10,000 scale version so would be also good to have a payed for version of the app as well! This would give a more accurate indication of the geology below me at street scale.

iGeology ★★★★★

by Captain Pleco - Version 1.0 - Oct 8, 2010

This app is brilliant! The best I have downloaded this year. Whilst travelling over Dartmoor I was able identify the rock type but more importantly pinpoint exactly my location using the background OS Map and then perform a screen snapshot for future reference.

Sedimentary dear Watson ★★★★★

by Bevy levy - Version 1.0 - Sep 29, 2010

Great bit of kit! Shame it doesn't show coal seams like the paper maps

Good app. ★★★★

by Solstice1971 - Version 1.0 - Sep 28, 2010

Like it.

One of the best apps I've downloaded ★★★★★

by Alan Rx - Version 1.0 - Sep 26, 2010

But when it links to the BGS shop could there be an easier way to get back to the App

Fantastic app! ★★★★★

by Jack Lacey - Version 1.0 - Sep 24, 2010

Well thought through and simple to use. Ability to locate is a great feature.

A+ ★★★★★

by dlgb.wordpress - Version 1.0 - Sep 24, 2010

A massive leap forward. BGS shows the way forward. Let's take it from here. Well done.

Brilliant ★★★★★

by Another Ant - Version 1.0 - Sep 24, 2010

This is brilliant. I am looking forward to some really nerdy walks. Thank you :)

Excellent ★★★★

by Lymonkey - Version 1.0 - Sep 24, 2010

Heard about this on the radio. Thought I'd give it a try. Really impressed especially for free!

BGS iGeology ★★★★★

by Keith Wishart - Version 1.0 - Sep 23, 2010

Really interesting - well done

Excellent App! ★★★★★

by Fuhji - Version 1.0 - Sep 23, 2010

Fast, intuitive and does exactly what it says on the tin! Keep up the good work :)

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