Flexible working at BGS

The BGS Diversity & Equality Group works to continually create and improve working practices to support equality, diversity and the development of an inclusive workforce.

At BGS we have many different forms of flexible working. These range from part time and home working agreements to the wide adoption by staff of the 'flexi-time scheme'.

All of the different options available means that 66% of BGS staff work flexibly in one way or another. This compares to 54% of the UK workforce.

  • At the end of the 17/18 year, BGS had 22% of its staff working part-time, an increase of 2% in the last 3 years.
  • Staff at all grades are eligible to use the 'flexi-time scheme' meaning that staff do not have to choose between working flexibility and progressing their career to higher graded roles. Over half of BGS staff benefit from participation in the scheme.
  • All BGS vacancies are advertised as being open to flexible working options.
  • There are many more informal, flexible working arrangements agreed to help balance work-life commitments for temporary periods.
Infographic of flexi-time benefits

Case study

Michelle Bentham is a member of the BGS Executive Team

"When my first child was born in 2005 I reduced my working hours to three days a week (Tuesday - Thursday). I now have two children that are both in school and my hours have increased to four days a week. On Mondays I work 7.30 am until 3.00 pm which allows me to pick up from school helping with childcare.

I really value working part time. Initially it helped me with the transition back to work after having children and enabled me to develop a work life a balance that allowed me to spend time with my young children as well as to develop my career. As my children have gotten older, my part time working means they are not in after school club all week and I am able to attend school events.

I also recently transitioned to the flexi-time scheme. This has proved invaluable; I am able to bank time and use it in the school holidays when childcare is really difficult. I have found flexi leave a useful tool when life does not run to plan e.g. family illness, house repairs etc.

BGS respects my part-time hours, for example only organising meetings on my working days. The flexibility that BGS has given me in my working pattern means I am more than willing to be flexible in return, for example travelling away from home and, in exceptional circumstances, working on my days off. If this is ever necessary, I will get time off in Lieu or bank more flexi time."