Woman looking down microscope GeoBlogy

Written by our staff, this blog gives you a real glimpse into the daily work and achievements of those who make the BGS a world-leading geoscience centre.

Lorraine Field and Mike Howe in the core store with a visitor. BritGeoData

News and success stories from the National Geological Repository of the British Geological Survey.

Scott's South Pole party. Geoheritage BGS

Displaying some of the most interesting items collected by the Survey over the past 180 years.

Dr Mike Howe JISC: GB/3D type fossils online

Updates about this collaborative project from Dr Mike Howe

Groundwater levels On the water front — groundwater matters at the BGS

A review the previous month's groundwater levels using data gathered from a network of observation boreholes around the UK; indicating the likelihood of drought and flooding.