BGS Science Strategy: Gateway to the Earth 2019–2023

BGS Science Strategy: Gateway to the Earth 2019-2023

The BGS is proud to launch its refreshed Science Strategy. 'Gateway to the Earth' focuses on solving problems around the three science challenges:

  • decarbonisation and resource management
  • environmental Change, adaptation and resilience
  • multihazards and resilience

Underpinning the three challenges is the BGS's digital transformation, which will be fundamental to our future research.

Our vision

Our vision is for a safer, more sustainable and prosperous planet and a future based on sound geoscientific solutions.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide impartial and independent geoscience advice and data. We observe, monitor and characterise geological environments, both nationally and internationally, using our proven abilities in earth systems science. Collecting, analysing, interpreting and presenting data and knowledge are our core activities. We also build strategic partnerships with academic institutions, governments, industry and the public to develop our work and share our expertise. Our science is focused on sensing, understanding and predicting the Earth's behaviour, and delivering solutions for the national and global good.

Download 'Gateway to the Earth 2019–2023'

Our new corporate video demonstrates the breadth of research and applied science carried out by BGS and how we are aligning to support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals both nationally and globally.


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