Marine geoscience

Dr Tracy Shimmield: Lyell Centre Co Director and Science Director, Marine Geoscience

Dr Tracy Shimmield

As well as Co Director for the Lyell Centre, Tracy leads the BGS Marine Geoscience team, supported by Dave McInroy, team leader for Ocean Geoscience, and Rhys Cooper, team leader for Continental Shelf. The Ocean Geoscience team, which incorporates Marine Operations and Engineering, focuses on the deep sea, with extensive experience and skills in developing and operating marine drilling and coring equipment on ships and drilling platforms. The Continental Shelf team is developing high-resolution maps and models of the offshore, coast and lakes, based on multibeam data. The Marine Geoscience team works closely with many UK marine government and research groups, and the offshore renewables industry, in resources, habitats and geohazards. The BGS is a leader in developing remotely operated drilling technology and is a lead organisation in European operations for IODP.

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