GeoAnalytics and modelling

Katherine Royse: director, GeoAnalytics and modelling

Kate Royse

Kate is responsible for environmental modelling research and development in BGS. This programme area applies a multidisciplinary approach to explaining, exploring and predicting the Earth's response to natural and human-induced environmental change.

The environmental modelling directorate undertakes research into a variety of areas, such as the development of 3D modelling systems; the parameterisation of models; the development of numerical process modelling techniques including groundwater, debris flow, multiphase flow and coupled process modelling; uncertainty analysis; geostatistics, and model and data integration, where we apply integrated models to the analysis of a range of environmental problems. We also specialise in the development of immersive 3D visualisation techniques, online decision support systems and the development of novel geoscience products that deliver geoscientific information in an assessable form to a range of data users.

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