Estates and facilities

Gaynor Delaney: head of estates and facilities

Gaynor Delaney

Gaynor manages all aspects of the property and facilities management for a mixed office, laboratory and workshop estate, comprising 12 sites throughout the UK. The role of the estates and facilities team is to develop an infrastructure to fit the needs of our developing organisation and meet the priorities of the work that we do. The remit includes responsibility for hard and soft services, project management, health and safety, environmental management and business assurance/risk. Gaynor is a member of both the British Institute for Facilities Management (BIFM) and the Public Sector Sustainability Association (PSSA).

Research areas
  • Business assurance
    Janet Bauder
  • Energy and environment
    Geraldine Kovac
  • Estates manager, north
    Malcolm Laird
  • Hard services, south
    Gershwyn Soanes
  • Health and safety
    James Corbett