Stable Isotope Facility and the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry

Melanie Leng: science director, Stable Isotope Facility and director, Centre for Environmental Geochemistry.

Melanie Leng

Melanie is the director of the Centre of Environmental Geochemistry (CEG), a collaboration between the BGS and the University of Nottingham, and a science director at the BGS where she manages the Stable Isotope Facility (SIF), part of the family of National Facilities. This role involves a collaborative service role for the UK academic geosciences community. CEG combines the BGS and University of Nottingham's strengths in geochemistry, focusing on the use of geochemistry in research, training and teaching around reconstructing past environmental and climate change, biogeochemical cycling including pollution typing/provenance and the use of geochemical tools for research into the subsurface. Melanie is also professor of isotope geosciences at the University of Nottingham.