The economic benefits of the BGS

The study aimed to assess the contribution of the British Geological Survey (BGS) to the UK economy. It was commissioned by the BGS to help government, the scientific community and the general public understand the practical uses and value of its activities.

The economic benefits of the BGS
'The decision by the BGS Board to commission Roger Tym and Partners to undertake this study arose from a conviction that there was a good story to tell about the BGS's contribution to the public good and to wealth creation in the UK economy. The decision also arose from the perception that this story was not being told effectively. It is therefore instructive that the final recommendation of the report is an encouragement to tell Government, customers and the public more about the BGS's achievements.'

Dr David Falvey, Executive Director, BGS Jan 1998 - July 2006

From the report's conclusions:

'Thanks to economies of scale and scope, BGS can carry out work that would be impossible for other organisations.'

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