Information Management Facilities Report

Paper records storage

In late 2008 the BGS commissioned an independent review of all its facilities used to store collections of onshore and offshore cores, paper records, magnetic tapes, samples etc. This review was undertaken by the Tribal Group plc.

Download Information Management Facilities Review Final Report 4MB pdf.

In light of the recommendations of this report, the BGS decided to relocate the collections of cores and records etc., held at Gilmerton and Loanhead (Edinburgh), to a new extension of the existing National Geological Repository (NGR) core store facilities at Keyworth. These improvements are taking place in the context of a much larger estates redevelopment exercise at Keyworth that will create new office accommodation and deliver a ‘green’ computer server suite to meet BGS and NERC’s future needs. This estates redevelopment project has been made possible through a substantial injection of capital funding provided by the NERC.