BGS175 Anniversary Science Symposium | 28 Sept. 2010 | Royal Institution

Sir David Attenborough
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The British Geological Survey is the world's oldest national geological survey and commemorated its 175th anniversary in 2010.

The event was marked by a one-day science symposium on 28 September 2010.

Symposium highlights

The symposium showcased our world-class science and technologies, demonstrating their relevance, societal benefits and positive impacts in addressing 21st century challenges; including living with environmental change, energy and natural resource security, rising CO2 emissions and geohazards.

The event was attended by influential stakeholders including representatives from government, industry, academia, international geological surveys, students and the national media.

Guest speakers included Dr Marcia McNutt, and Professor Iain Stewart.

Britain's best-known natural history film-maker, Sir David Attenborough, featured in the panel discussion to close the symposium.

Win a place at BGS175

The winners of a VIP day at the science symposium, featuring Sir David Attenborough, are listed in the table below.


Jonathan Wyatt, SHROPSHIRE

Paul Colinese, LONDON

John Williams, SURREY

Sophie Hibben, KENT

Lisa Allan, LONDON

Rob Flanders, CHESHIRE


Steven Cadman, SURREY

Sahja Haji, LONDON

Litsa Breingan, LONDON

Paul Dotteridge, HERTFORDSHIRE

Stephen Metheringham, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE


Catherine Unsworth, LONDON

About the day

Symposium agenda

Download the oral programme 200 KB pdf

Keynote speakers and special guests

Sir David Attenborough

Marcia McNutt

Iain Stewart

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